Review: HTC One M8s

The HTC One M8s represents a superb bargain where we see the update to the legendary HTC One M8 costing less than the outdated original.


HTC One M8s design


The HTC One M8s design keeps the traits of the original with the body etched out of a single aluminium block. The brushed look screams premium and consumers will be hard pushed to choose between the grey, silver or gold colour schemes.


HTC One M8s


The same 5-inch display with 1920 x 1080 pixels is used again and why not when it offers full high definition. The processor however has been upgraded on the HTC One M8s to a 64-bit octa-core model with 2GB RAM.


The design also houses a more powerful 2840mAh battery that easily holds charge for a day under a mixed usage scenario. If standby is the name of the game then it is possible under perfect conditions to get up to 30 days of power, so charging for you will be a monthly affair!


HTC One M8s camera


The HTC One M8s camera is the standout feature and long gone is the (4MP) UltraPixel concept. Instead we see an impressive 13 megapixels duo camera headlining the photographic talents of this smartphone.


HTC One M8s 13MP camera


The duo camera is used to capture separate layers in the photograph so that they can be manipulated post shot. This allows you to use a selection of HTC camera tools designed for the task:


The first is Ufocus which allows you to blur certain layers like the background of a portrait shot. Other camera phones promise the same effect and achieve it by taking successive photos at different focal lengths. The HTC One M8s however should better the result as the images are taken simultaneously to avoid the possibility that movement could effect the image.


Other camera tools that use the duo camera include Foregrounder with Zoom Blur, Sketch, Cartoon, Colourise, Seasons and Dimension Plus. The depth perspective also allows for accurate cut and copy so it is easy to take a subject from one photo and paste them onto another background.


The selfie camera has 5 megapixels of resolution and the shutter can be activated using the HTC Eye Experience with either voice or visual commands. Video can be recorded at 1080p, selfies can be beautified before taking the shot and there is a dual LED flash for better colour reproduction and increased shooting range under low light conditions.


HTC One M8s features


The HTC One M8s features include a blend of HTC apps with Google apps offered as part of the Android Lollipop OS. New apps can be download from Google Play and stored on the 16GB internal memory that be expanded with a memory card should the need exist.


HTC One M8s features


HTC BlinkFeed fills the home screen and after setting your personal news and sports preferences as well as entering the details of your Facebook and Twitter accounts you will get a stream of information about your world.


The HTC One M8s gives access to the internet over Wi-Fi or 4G and has many other features such as motion controls, GPS navigation and media streaming to other mobile connected devices in your home.


The verdict


If budget is a purchasing factor then ignore the HTC One M9 and the HTC One M8 and buy the HTC One M8s, it offers exceptional value for money.
Written by: Michael Brown

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