Review: Alcatel Idol 4 includes Free VR Goggles

Free VR Goggles


idol 4


The Alcatel brand may not be the first one that you think of when you are considering your next phone and even though this manufacturer has been stronger in the budget smartphone category they are vying for a competitive edge in the high-end smartphone market with their latest release. The Alcatel Idol 4 includes free VR Goggles so you can enjoy the virtual world along with all the other features crammed into this smartphone.


Alcatel Idol 4 Design


idol 4 design


Alcatel has gone for a polished premium look on the Idol 4 with metal and glass construction with a black rear casing that is present across all models with the metallic frame changing the colour on the other phones.


The 5.2-inch display is HD quality with IPS technology for good viewing from any angle and the handset comes in at a lightweight 135g and measures just 7.1mm thick.


Idol 4 Features


The Alcatel Idol 4 is packing an octacore processor and 3GB RAM so performance is impressive when running multiple apps and handling the VR capabilities.


The packaging of the phone converts into a pair of VR goggles so you can simply place the handset in the goggles to enjoy the Virtual world. VR content is available to download from the Alcatel VR Store where you will find various content to try out on the goggles.


free vr goggles with the alcatel idol 4


The user can add more memory should it be needed as there is a microSD card slot for cards up to 512GB.


The phone includes Gesture controls so when the phone is locked a gesture of drawing a letter will open up the associated app and the screen can be unlocked with a simple double tap of the display.


The phone OS rights itself whichever way the phone is picked up so you can use the phone either way up and the screen can be used with gloves.


Another feature of the Idol 4 is the Boom Key which Alcatel says will Boom up your senses as it works in a different way depending on what you are doing at the time you press it. A press of the Boom Key on the homescreen will open weather animations or when browsing photos the key will create a photo collage.



book key idol 4


The key can be used when listening to music to apply audio effects or it can be customised in a number of ways including to take a screen shot.


The Idol 4 runs Android Marshmallow so you get lots of familiar apps straight out of the box including Chrome, Maps and Voice Search


Alcatel Idol 4 Camera


The 13-megapixel camera can be used with the Fyuse 360 Pictures app that is on board so you can take impressive 3D photos and pan around the captured image by swiping on the screen.

There is a dual-tone LED flash to illuminate your subject and there are various shooting modes including Panorama, Slo-mo and Instant Shot. The Selfie camera has a resolution of 8-megapixels as well as its own flash and real-time beauty editing gives you share-worthy results easily.


idol 4 colours


Alcatel has really delivered something unusual with the Alcatel Idol 4 from the free VR goggles and content to the Boom Key so if you are looking for a smartphone that is different from the rest the Idol 4 is for you.

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