Pre-registration Interest in Nokia 3310 breaking records


The announcement from Nokia that they would be releasing a new version of their classic handset the 3310 was met with mixed views, mainly how would this basic feature phone fare in the ever demanding smartphone world. According to Carphone Warehouse, Nokia could be onto a winner as the pre-registration interest on the Nokia 3310 has exceeded records.


Nokia 3310 Pre-registration


nokia 3310 retro phone makes a come back


The Nokia 3310 has been available as a pre-registered interest to users through the Carphone Warehouse both in store and on their website and according to their records the number of registrations has smashed previous figures of other flagship models that have been unveiled at the MWC.


nokia 3310 order


That is flagship models, so the Nokia 3310 feature phone is taking on the biggest manufacturers and winning – no small feat for the Snake-game phone that doesn’t even offer mobile internet.


Record number of orders for 3310


According to the UK Buying Director of Carphone Warehouse, Andrew Wilson, ” Levels of pre-registrations at Carphone Warehouse are incredibly strong, proving that it’s not all hype, and that consumers really want to get their hands on one”.


The fact that the Nokia 3310 is one of the stand out stars of the MWC 2017 is incredibly impressive as is it comes up against the big reveals from LG and Sony.


nokia 3310 re-release


The phone holds nostalgia for a lot of smartphone users as it was the first mobile phone for many, and the game of Snake took this phone to new heights in its day with feverish competition to become the high-score holder.


The announcement of the phone coming back into stores sparked a social media frenzy with users reminiscing about the durability and long lasting battery of this old handset.


Buy Nokia 3310


nokia 3310 slider


The Nokia 3310 is available for pre-registration through many retailers and mobile phone networks so if you fancy getting your hands on one it is best to reserve one as the surprising numbers interested in this phone could see numbers disappear quickly when they arrive.


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