Playstation Phone “Zeus” Coming this Week

A new video has appeared on youtube that shows the forthcoming playstation phone from Sony Ericsson in all it’s glory. The rumour mill has it that the device -code named “Zeus” –  will be officially announced on 9th December.  Interestingly the new video shows the Playstation phone running android 2.3 or Gingerbread and this time we get to see the slide out controller. There’s no footage of games yet, and no one seems to know whether it will play PSP games, existing Android games, something new entirely or a combination. It’s possible that PSone games will be made available for download as they are on the PSP.

There’s also no word yet on if or how this device will work with the PS3, but if PSP features are ported across then the device will stream media from the PS3 and possibly allow remote playing of Playstation Network  games over WiFi.

This will be the first serious gaming phone since the Nokia N-Gage, and if Sony Ericsson are clever and make old PSone and PSP games available then it will launch with a huge catalogue from day one. The addition of a proper control pad – which will be familiar to anyone who owns a playstation – will make real arcade gaming on a mobile phone possible.  Gaming on touch screen devices is all well and good, but it’s no substitute for frantic button bashing.

Pricing has yet to be announced, but if networks are prepared to subsidise it and make it available “free” then gamers the world over are likely to jump on this.

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