Playstation Phone – All Kinds of Awesome?

Engadget broke the news yesterday that a Playstation phone is on the way soon from the people behind the ¬†Sony Ericsson¬†Experia X10, and here’s the photo to prove it – assuming of course that it’s genuine:

The PSPhone – as it will likely be christened will probably run android 3.0, and sports a 1GhZ Qualcomm processor. In place of the usual slide out qwerty keyboard will be a PSP style control pad complete with shoulder buttons and a multi-touch pad. In addition to standard android features the device will include a separate marketplace from Sony to provide games.

It could also, in a round about way, be a blow to Windows Phone 7. One of WinPho7’s main features is it’s xBox Live integration, Sony are sure to include similar functionality to the PSPhone and the odds are that as a fully fledged hardware manufacturer they will make a good job of it.
The slide out control pad is a stroke of genius, it will be instantly familiar to anyone who has played on a PS3 or PSP and if there are a few high profile launch titles gamers will likely pick this purpose built gaming phone over WinPho7’s line up of handsets.

Cast your mind back to the ill fated Sega Dreamcast, although it didn’t do too well, it did have one superb feature; the controllers had removable mini conrollers with lcd screens that let you load sub games so you could earn XP, items and achievements on the move. If Sony can add something like this they will have a hit on their hands; play the portable version of a game on the train home from work, and when you get there the items and points you earned will be available on the PS3 version of the game.

If Sony price it keenly and the integration between the phone and home console experience is as good as the PSP then it could be a real winner.
How does a free handheld console / top end android smartphone that will stream media and music to and from your PS3 when you next upgrade your phone sound?

Gaming on android phones up until now has not been great, but this device along with Sony putting their weight behind it that could be about to change. Mobile phones have adopted more and more features over the last few years, from cameras to internet browsing and music, gaming is the next logical step and it may well be where the war is won or lost.

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