Planet of the Apps.

Motorola MilestoneWith most new mobiles offering app stores and the demand for making mobile phones fully customisable to the users needs, more and more apps are appearing and taking over the mobile world!

Currently Apple are the top dog’s with their App Store for the iPhone but Google’s Android Market store is trying it’s best to catch up with an estimated 30,000 apps.

Android fans don’t get too excited as there is still a pretty large gap of around 115,000 apps. The Android Market store has increased it’s apps from 10,000 to 30,000 in just 6 months so is expected to expand rapidly with the growth of the Android OS. Android has changed the way mobile users work and with Google selling 60,000 smartphones a day the snowball effect is sure to take off.

The brand the Motorola Milestone is one of the many phones to host the Android OS. It is a great alternative to the iPhone, N900 or Google’s recent Nexus One and is the first smartphone to host the new Google Android 2.0 OS. Similar to the Motorola Droid, the Milestone has a fantastic 3.7 inch screen – perfect for viewing web pages and a slide out QWERTY keyboard which is ideal for messaging. The Milestone is not just a business phone, for those who want to stay entertained on the move there is a decent media player and handy 3.5mm audio jack as well as expandable memory up to 32GB. If you are interested in taking great photos on your favourite device then the Milestone has a great 5 megapixel camera with autofocus, dual LED flash, image stabilizer and impressive camera software.

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