Pinhole cut-out screen designs have leaked for Samsung and Lenovo

The smartphone industry does not stay still for long, just as you get used to a new thing something else comes along. Rumours and leaks are pointing to the next new thing in smartphone design. Pinhole cutout screen designs have leaked for Samsung and Lenovo.


Say goodbye to the notch


A notch at the top of the screen has been the latest look that smartphone manufacturers have opted for. This small cutout on the display took the place of a full bezel at the top of the screen. The new look gave us more display with the camera and other sensors taking up less space at the top of the device.




The latest iPhones and top smartphones of 2018 have all been sporting this new notch with later releases reducing the size as the year goes on. If you have now embraced the notch and think it’s just one of those little things that you have to get used to, think again.



Hello pinhole



Not content with a small notch taking up screen space manufacturers are going even further to reduce screen loss. The latest image leaks point to a pinhole cutout. Huawei teased us with a design like this recently. The new look device has a single hole for the camera and the rest is all display.


Other manufacturers are apparently working on this design too with Samsung dubbing it an Infinity O display. Although no photos of the Samsung phone have come to light there have been screenshots delivered to US regulators. These show a pinhole cutout in the left-hand corner which could be seen on the Samsung Galaxy A8s.


A video has also been spotted of a rumoured Lenovo Z5s. Lenovo has placed the pinhole cutout in the centre of the display on their model. The video is not great quality but it does give a good indication of what this type of design would be like to use.



Huawei could be the first to launch a device with a pinhole cutout as the Nova 4 made an appearance at an event in China. Huawei does like to compete to get the industry firsts under their belt but Samsung is also vying for it so we shall have to see who wins.

Do you like the look of the current notch design? Do you think the new pinhole option will improve the smartphone experience? Share your thoughts below or join the conversation on Google+.

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