Panasonic to Launch Android Smartphones in Europe

Electronics giant Panasonic made a brief appearance in the mobile phone market a few years ago and then silently disappeared due to being unable to match established manufacturers in the highly competitive field. Now it looks like they have been regrouping and will take another chance on selling phones in the European mobile market as well as China.


Panasonic have been producing mobile phones for years, but the handsets have mainly been sold in Japan where their products are well established. Now the company plans to offer their smartphones to Europe and China with intent to also move into the North American markets too.

The Panasonic Lumix Phone


The smartphones will run Google’s Android OS and as Panasonic deliver impressive quality in other areas of electronics it will be quite exciting to see what they will deliver to mobile phones. They already offer a Lumix Phone that combines their top-spec digital camera with the added functions of a smartphone in Japan – so this could be heading our way. So what do you think about Panasonic as a brand? Can they really compete against the giants like HTC, Samsung and Motorola? What would you want Panasonic to include in their mobile phones?

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