Palm showcase two new phones.

The Palm Pre and Pixi have two new (and slightly better) members to their family. The Pre Plus and Pixi Plus are two great messaging devices that are ideal for business users who want something a bit different from a BlackBerry style device.

First up the Palm Pre Plus which has had a few improvements compared to the popular Palm Pre. Physical improvements include a more dynamic slide action and a more user friendly QWERTY keyboard to send super fast messages with ease. Memory has been increased to 16GB but other than that it is pretty similar to the Palm Pre. The curvy touchscreen phone has a slide out QWERTY keyboard with a built in accelerometer making movie viewing a dream from the crystal clear widescreen. Palm understands that business users need to stay connected and have included 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth with A2DP for stereo wireless multimedia.

The Pixi Plus is a curved candybar style phone with a full QWERTY keyboard to chat away with friends. It also comes integrated with social networking features to keep up to date with all the latest gossip.

The WebOS offers a great user experience allowing you to zoom into web pages or maps with a pinch of the fingers. Staying in touch has never been easier with all of your Facebook, Outlook, Yahoo and Google accounts neatly organised so that all of your emails, appointments and contact information is in one convenient location.

If you are after something a bit different then the Palm Pixi Plus is a great choice for those who love social networking.

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