Ovi Apps get a boost.

The Ovi store is slowly building up a decent set of apps to give Nokia mobiles an app store almost ready to compete with the giant iPhone App store and the Android Market. Recently announced by Nokia is a free application called Own Voice for Ovi Maps. The app gives your phone’s navigation system a great individual feel by recording 53 vocal commands and using them for turn by turn directions from Ovi Maps.

Your own voice commands can be uploaded to the Own Voice website to share with others and you can rate and download others to your own device for a great user experience. This could turn out to be great fun using friends voices to guide you home or having a random crazy person shouting at you to turn down the right street (if that float’s your boat!).

Own Voice is compatible with the latest version of Ovi Maps so will work on the X6, 5800, N97 mini and E72.

Another kooky app from Nokia comes in the form of the Carpe Diem Daily which apparently helps people ‘discover fascinating facts about the world and themselves in an inspired and playful way’.  It basically gives a ‘daily do’ which encourages you to submit interesting text, photos and videos to Nokia’s Carpe Diem website reminding you that something positive happened in your day!

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