Our review of the HTC Desire 620

Our review of the HTC Desire 620 uncovers a HTC smartphone that has plenty to offer the budget end of the market. The specifications won’t show you up and the design will distinguish your HTC phone as modern yet classic.


The design of the HTC Desire 620


I love the design of the HTC Desire 620, which looks really fresh next to the rather mundane black smartphones that fill the shelves and struggle to inspire me. The colour scheme includes one main colour and an accent colour which highlights the HTC logo, camera lens and trim.


Super LCD display


The 5 inch display is for me the perfect size as it is still practical to carry around yet big enough to show off your media in high definition (720 x 1280 pixels). This screen is a Super LCD display and these deliver minimum glare and minimum power consumption when looking at white screens. This characteristic is pretty note worthy as most internet pages still have a white background!


The camera on the HTC Desire 620


The camera on the HTC Desire 620 is pretty generous for a mobile phone in this pricing bracket with an 8MP main snapper and a 5MP selfie camera. You have complete control over the camera settings should you not want to shoot everything in Auto.


HTC Desire 620 camera


This means you can adjust the white balance, the cameras sensitivity to light and the exposure level. Either way you have plenty to play around with including selfie filters, VideoPic, Sweep Panorama, video recording at 1080p and a selfie countdown timer.


I also like the fact that from the camera settings you can set the volume buttons to zoom in and out or activate the shutter giving you that authentic compact digital camera feel.


The features on the HTC Desire 620


The features on the HTC Desire 620 are powered by Android KitKat and a quad core 1.2GHz processor so everything works smoothly. There is an 8GB internal memory which should be enough to get you started and will let you download new apps from Google Play.


If you need to boost the memory then you could either pop in a memory card or store your files on Google Drive where you get 100GB of free storage for 2 years.


HTC BlinkFeed


The connectivity features include 4G+, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. The homescreen can house BlinkFeed and this will be a popular choice as who doesn’t want to see live social network updates and the latest news and sport headlines? The HTC Connect feature is also pre-installed and this allows you to easily connect with other electronic devices in your home for music and video streaming,


Your devices do need to be HTC Connect compatible so look out for the logo on your devices. If you happen to have Pioneer tech in you home then these should be ready to go.


HTC Desire 620 opinion


Overall you get great value for money and the combination of Android and that brilliant camera should be enough to sway you in HTC’s direction.


Written by: Michael Brown

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