Orange San Francisco II Coming Soon?

The Orange San Francisco was a very popular handset due to the affordable price tag allowing everyone to get their hands on an Android phone no matter how restricted their budget. Due to the success of the phone it seems only natural for Orange to release a follow-up and as it has been over a year since the original handset was released we have been waiting for a while.


It now seems the wait is over as, due to a technical error, the Orange San Francisco II made a brief appearance on the support pages of the Orange website. It has since disappeared but it was there long enough for some of the specs to be revealed.


The latest San Francisco will sport the same 3.5-inch display as its predecessor however the camera has been upgraded to 5-megapixels and the latest Android 2.3 OS is on board. The processor has also been amped up to 800MHz and there are a number of Orange apps including an App store and Games.

 As the phone has not been officially announced there has been no confirmed date but we expect it to become available very soon.

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