Orange Revamp Mobile Broadband and Launch MiFi Gadget

Orange have revamped their mobile broadband deals and launched their new mobile MiFi HSDPA modem. The Novatel Wireless 3352 is a mobile broadband modem that lets you share it’s internet connection via WiFi to up to 5 different devices, perfect for those with more than one mobile device like laptops, netbooks, tablets and ebook readers.

The Novatel Wireless 3352 is available on a range of tarrifs, from £49 on a one year, £15 a month contract with 1Gb of data and an additional 1Gb of off peak data to £89 with no monthly fee and 5p per megabyte of data.

Although this device is cool, it’s a shame that Orange and the other networks don’t just enable tethering on capable phones like the HTC Desire HD. Many smart phones can share their internet connection via WiFi as a standard feature, but more often than not this feature is disabled by the networks, presumably to encourage you to buy an additional mobile broadband package.

There is a small concession though, existing orange customers get £5 off.

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