OnePlus 5 Review

OnePlus has been releasing handsets only a short time, but the company has become known for packing flagship technology into affordable devices. Their latest flagship may not be as cheap as some of the previous offerings but this phone has some seriously good stuff going on. In my OnePlus 5 review I take a look at this superb smartphone.


OnePlus 5 Design


oneplus 5 angle


The design of the OnePlus 5 is enhanced with premium materials, giving this phone a great look and feel. The design seems to have been worked on and refined more on this handset than the previous models, this is the best looking OnePlus released so far.


The metal frame makes the device feel solid, the power button sits on the right edge while the volume rocker and a dedicated button for silent mode are on the left edge.


oneplus 5 back


There is a speaker on the bottom of the device and the phone has a USB Type-C port and the traditional 3.5mm audio jack, no additional dongles required for your headphones.


OnePlus 5 Features


The 5.5-inch Full AMOLED display delivers 401 pixels per inch which is great when watching video clips, and with AMOLED technology the dark tones and colour contrast look superb.




The OnePlus handsets run OxygenOS which is an overlay on the Android system, the OnePlus 5 has Android 7.11on board so you get the latest split screen and other updates that Google rolled out. The phone will be upgraded to Android O, this is expected to hit the OnePlus 5 at the end of this year.


While the OxygenOS may be an overlay on the Android system it is actually quite clean, without too much bloatware. One of the better features of this OS is the Reading Mode, this can be activated to filter out blue light and the mode uses grey scale mapping for less eye strain.


The Adreno 540 graphics processor delivers a decent gaming experience, the Snapdragon 835 processor and 6GB RAM ensure even the most demanding games and apps run smoothly.


oneplus 5 gaming


The 3,300mAh battery is not the largest capacity used on a flagship device however, it stood up to a full day of use, the efficient processor helped this along.


OnePlus 5 Camera


The OnePlus camera is a dual lens setup on the back which contains two Sony cameras with resolutions of 16 and 20-megapixels. The main 16-megapixel camera has a f/1.7 aperture for capturing great amounts of light, the 20-megapixel telephoto lens has a f/2.6 aperture.


oneplus 5 camera


The two lenses allow for some beautiful photo effects with Portrait Mode and bokeh adding interesting depth and contrast to photos. Pro Mode allows you to tweak lots of different settings according to the subject being captured and there is a handy level when shooting in Pro Mode to ensure straight-lined shots.


Video can be captured in 4K and there are shooting options for time-lapse Panorama and slow motion, these were actually very simple to use and produced good results.


one plus camera results


The front-facing 16-megapixel camera delivers crisp photos and it can record in 1080p too.




OnePlus may not be up there with the likes of Samsung or Apple when it comes to top choices among UK consumers, but handsets like the OnePlus 5 will make more people take notice. The phone is really impressive to use and the camera delivered some excellent results. Worth considering for your next upgrade? Yes!

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