Oh Yes They Are!

In a U turn that would make Nick Clegg proud, HTC have announced that they will be pushing Android 2.3 out to HTC Desire owners less than 24 hours after saying they wouldn’t.

A message on their Facebook page said:

“Contrary to what we said earlier, we are going to bring Gingerbread to HTC Desire.”

So apparently the HTC Desire now does have enough memory to run Android 2.3, which we all knew anyway.

What does this U turn mean?

Who knows, but here’s a few guesses.

It was a planned obsolescence which HTC reconsidered after all the uproar.

HTC have removed bloat and/or features from Sense to make it work.

But here’s my favorite guess; HTC have had it working for a while but it’s slow, right on the borderline of usable, they weren’t going to bother but now they are because welching on the promise is a PR nightmare.

If that is the case, then expect the delay from HTC’s release to network releases to be a long one, if HTC don’t leave the networks much space to play with then it could take a while for the networks to finish ruining branding the release.

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