Ofcom Unveils 4G Plans


Ofcom has unveiled plans for the upcoming auction of the 4G spectrum in the UK and it has stated that at least four operators will be able to offer 4G services. Another part of the plans revealed that they are also looking to extend the coverage to areas currently not able to get any service due to geographical issues.


Due to the switching off of the TV analogue signals there is now a lot more of the spectrum available to be auctioned off and Ofcom plan to allow 4 operators to bid for the spectrum encouraging competition between the providers.


Each of the bidders has to provide at least 95% UK coverage and Ofcom believe opening up the bidding to up to four providers will encourage at least one operator to aim for a 98% coverage figure.


Ofcom Chief Executive, Ed Richards said “As the UK enters a new generation of mobile communications; Ofcom’s objective is to promote effective competition to stimulate both investment and innovation”.


The spectrum auction will be held at the end of this year with actual 4G not being available for users until sometime in 2013.

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