O2 Network Hit By Thieves

O2 had parts of it’s network in London and the South East downed by thieves yesterday.

A break in at one of it’s sites left customers in Kent, Sussex and parts of North and East London without coverage from late Monday night. Thieves appeared to be after network switches and there is speculation that there may be link to a similar incident at one of Vodafone’s sites in February.

There has been no word from police or O2 on how the investigation is progressing.

Network switches aren’t exactly the kind of thing that thieves could sell in the pub or at a car boot sale, whilst they are expensive bits of kit the number of people who have any use for them is small.

The¬†likelihood is that the equipment was stolen to order for a buyer overseas. Many developing countries are rolling out mobile networks apace, and it’s not impossible that corrupt officials would be prepared to buy hooky equipment and pocket the saving.

Whatever happened and whoever is responsible, I expect that the networks will all be beefing up their security in the coming weeks.

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