O2 Looks to Speed Up 4G Rollout


O2 Networks Go Down


After the official announcement of the iPhone 5 and confirmation that it will indeed support 4G services, the advantage that the new 4G network EE had over the competition was blatantly obvious.


As the only provider of 4G before any of the other big players, EE could get the lion’s share of the iPhone 5 demand in the UK. Vodafone and O2 had already expressed their concerns over the 4G network situation and this development will be met with just as much anger.


Now it appears O2 is trying to do something about it, by appealing to Ofcom to bring the 4G spectrum auction forward allowing them to get 4G services to their customers sooner.


The collaboration of T-Mobile and Orange, known as Everything Everywhere, became the UK’s largest network when they merged their systems. Ofcom then approved the move to change some of Everything Everywheres bandwidth to 4G services putting them miles ahead of O2 and Vodafone who need the 4G auction to get the extra bandwidth needed to create their 4G networks.


An O2 spokesperson said “We are pushing hard on behalf of our customers. We are hopeful we can come to some agreement to bring the current time line forward”.


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