O2 Launches O2 Wallet Mobile Payment Service


O2 has now officially launched its O2 Wallet service here in the UK, allowing users to make mobile payments and compare prices with its shopping comparison feature.


The O2 Wallet is an app that is available to all mobile users, not just those on O2, and is compatible with iOS, Android and BlackBerry OS 6 and upwards. O2 has confirmed they are working on both a Windows Phone version and tablet app that will be coming soon.


The app allows users to send money to people and when they receive a money message the recipient can either sign up to O2 Wallet, move the money to their existing O2 wallet account or reject the payment.


Credit or debit cards can be linked to the app to add funds to users’ accounts and O2 has ensured the system is secure by using a pre-pay system for the money messages and storing the card details on secure servers rather than on the mobile phone itself.


The shopping feature of the app allows users to browse deals as well as compare offers from over 100 retailers such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Debenhams.


James Le Brocq, MD of O2 Money said “O2 Wallet delivers the benefits of mobile money to more UK consumers than any other product or service currently available. In addition to PINs and passwords, all personal details and financial data are held on remote central servers rather than on the mobile device itself. This, we believe, is the safest and most secure way to deliver mobile payment services”.


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