O2 Confirm UK 4G Launch for August 29th

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The UK 4G network has only offered one choice to users since October 2012 with the network EE launching well ahead of its rivals. Since then EE has enjoyed being the only 4G service in the UK with over 700,000 customers signing up to give the superfast network a go on their 4G enable UK mobile phones.


The rest of the UK networks were extremely unhappy to be squeezed out completely and have had to wait for the 4G spectrum auction before they had any hope of getting a 4G service out to its users and potential new customers. The auction went ahead and all the big networks got their chunk of the spectrum and since them have been preparing to get their UK 4G offerings together.


O2 is the next one to join EE with the confirmation that their UK 4G network will be launched on August 29th. UK consumers will be pleased to see another network choice for 4G as many have thought that the EE tariffs have been too highly priced and hopefully more competition means more competitive prices.


O2 has not confirmed the pricing schedule for their 4G tariffs other than a SIM only option will be on offer from just £26 per month. The initial roll out will be in London, Leeds and Bradford on the launch day with another 10 cities to be added before the end of the year.


Other cities to get O2 4G in 2013 will be Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool, Newcastle, Nottingham, Leicester, Coventry, Sheffield, Manchester and Edinburgh.


Telefonica UK owns the O2 network and CEO of the company, Ronan Dunne said “The full potential of 4G is as yet unexplored, but what we can be sure of is that it will allow for a whole new world of opportunity that people are now ready for. Over half of our customers say they use more data than two years ago and even more use Wi-Fi wherever they go, to always stay connected. Given this trend, there is no doubt that 4G will transform our lives, be it as consumers, in business or through public sector services.”


O2 has also promised to deliver a 30-day Happiness Guarantee so if users sign up for a 4G contract and are not entirely happy the contract will be moved onto a 3G tariff instead.


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Written by: Carmel Brown

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