Nokia WP7 Phone leaked, codenamed Sea Ray

So we have all been waiting to see what Nokias shift to Windows Phone 7 would bring and it seems a leaked video of Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has answered the burning question. Asking people to put away their cameras and a plea of “no pictures please” the leaked video goes on to reveal the new handset codenamed “Sea Ray”. For a supposed leaked video the multiple camera angles and clearly focused phone demo shots are pretty impressive….anyway to the details.

The handset is very much in the style of the newly announced N9 with a sleek compact design and quality build. The same high spec Carl Zeiss 8-megapixel camera is on the back although this WP7 Mango phone includes a camera key on the side rather than the software based clicker on the N9. The exact specs have not been confirmed but it looks like this is going to be the Windows version of the N9.

The handset is set to be released later this year so watch this space for more details.

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