Nokia World – E7, C6 and C7 revealed

Nokia have had a rough ride lately, with little in the way of credible alternatives to the current creme of the smartphone crop, the new releases coming out of the  Nokia World event are crucial for the Finish company.

The N8 is coming very soon indeed as I’ve already mentioned, and today saw the announcement of 3 new handsets – all running Symbian 3.

The revamped C6 is a small touch screen phone aimed at the mid price part of the touch screen market which the likes of  LG and Samsung have done so well in. Unlike it’s previous incarnation the new C6 lacks a qwerty keyboard, which some might consider odd for a phone that looks to be geared towards social network users. It remains to be seen whether the social networking functions on Symbian 3 will tempt users, historically they have been clunky and slow. Opinions on the C6 coming out of the event seem to be largely positive, particularly about it’s screen which is reported to be bright and clear.

The C7 seems to be a slightly trimmed down version of the N8, with similar specifications but minus the HDMI out and with a lower res 8mp camera. Again the reports coming out of the event are saying that it has a good screen and that the Symbian 3 OS is quick and smooth. If the rumoured pricing structure is true, the C7 will only be fractionally cheaper than the N8 so it’s hard to see what market space Nokia are hoping to occupy with it, it certainly doesn’t offer anything to make it stand out from the crowd except for Nokia’s usually solid build quality and the power management common to all Symbian 3 phones.

Perhaps the most exciting of the new announcements is the E7 which Nokia are touting as the latest incarnation of it’s iconic Communicator. It’s basically a high end smartphone for people who like a real qwerty keyboard. To me the keyboard looks small, largely due to the way it folds out, much like the N97 did. Apparently the E7 is light weight and well built, and with the majority of top end smartphones not having a qwerty keyboard I think Nokia have pitched the E7 at a genuine gap in the market. Having said that, the forthcoming Motorola Milestone 2 is aimed at that same gap and unless the E7 is keenly priced then the lure of Android may tempt qwerty fans away.

The new models announced at Nokia World all seem solid, middle of the market phones, but there’s nothing that makes you go “wow”.

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