Nokia turns pink with the new Illuvial range.

Nokia have recently added 3 new handsets to their mobile phone army in the form of the Illuvial range.  With vibrant pink accents covering the phones and funky new designs the Illuvial range has transformed established Nokia phones to stand out handsets that are set to be very popular just in time for Christmas. 


The 6303 is an easy to use handset with a beautiful floral design on the back and hot pink numbers on the keypad.  There is a 3.15 megapixel camera, multimedia player and Bluetooth making the 6303 an all round, decent phone for those who want a more feminine touch to their everyday mobile.

The next girly phone from Nokia is the 5530 which boasts a 2.9 inch touchscreen that is complimented well with a bright pink and stainless steel surround. This sleek and stylish handset runs on the powerful Symbian OS and has WiFi for easy access to social networking sites making this phone a must for those girly tweeters!

The final phone aimed at the female market is the fantastic 6700 which is a super stylish powerhouse. The 6700 is the epitome of what Nokia represents, a highly accessible, simple and stylish device that ticks all the boxes with it’s features and the Illuvial makes it more accessible to the female market. The flat keypad has hot pink numbers and pink accents around the phone with a floral pattern engraved on the back.

The Illuvial range is a brilliant new addition to Nokia’s collection. Compare deals now at Mobilesplease just in time for Christmas.

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