Nokia & Rim to launch application sites!

Apple Iphone has took the lead in the application race and many are beginning to release that when this phone was released in 2007 it was going to be a lot more than a phone synced with an ipod.

Applications are little pieces of software that allow the user to do everything from have live flight times at the touch of a button to a restaurant finder which is activated by shaking the handset. They cost anything from 60p upwards, many are even free to download. Application developers are said to be making millions from these and it is no surprise others are desperate to catch up.It is time for the other phone giants to catch up and Nokia and RIM are next on the books.

Nokia are due to be launching an application store where users can download and install new software to their handset, the Ovi Store.  Ovi is described as the easiest way to stay up to date, keep in touch and share the things you love anywhere, anytime.

Blackberry are launching App World, a great combination of business orientated apps such as spreadsheet editors and stock market trackers as well as producing fun ones such as Tweetberry which allows you to update your twitter account on the go.

The Google android also has many fantastic applications available here are some of my favourites –

  • Shopsavvy – this turns your phone into a barcode and allows you to scan any then displays a price comparison of online shops!
  • My Closet – one for us ladies, upload pictures of all your clothes and you can then plan out your outfits with your phone!
  • Cab4melight – A simple application which gives you the cab numbers in your location…no more waiting around in the cold.

Applications are set to take the world by storm! If you’re buying a new mobile phone why not try one that allows you to download these new applications…your phone could become your new personal stylist, restaurant finder and price comparison tool.

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