Nokia N97…on its way!

Briefly:  Desktop, Laptop, Pocket the Nokia N97 is the latest contender for the iphone and at mobilesplease we cant wait for it to be launched!

Described by Nokia as the ‘worlds most advanced mobile computer’ the N97 is set to follow in its predecessors success by transforming the world of internet browsing and communication. How have they achieved this? Well the 3.5 inch widescreen touch interface is a fantastic start allowing navigation either with your fingertip or with the full QWERTY keyboard which smoothly slides out from underneath.

With an onboard memory of a massive 32GB which is expandable to 48Gb via a memory card… this is even bigger than the N96 and is more than enough to store all your messages, emails and pictures. With a  5 mega pixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics,16:9  and DVD quality video capture plus LED flash.

Part of the smart phone N series the N97 is extremely easy to hold and navigate, as well as its stylish looks Nokia have launched the social location service. With a built in compass the handset automatically understands where it is and makes it easy to update social networks with real time information such as their status and So-Lo (social location to me and you).

The internet is available at a touch of a button allowing you to keep in touch, keep updated and to make things even easier you can personalise your home page using widgets for your favourite sites…the 3.5 inch screen certainly makes things clearer.

Mobiles please think Nokia have got a good battle against competitors smart phones with the many features, a massive memory and stunning looks.

What does the Nokia N97 have to offer?

  • 3.5 inch touch screen
  • 5 mega pixel camera
  • Fast speed Internet anywhere
  • up to 48 Gb memory

Nokia states that the phone should be available in the first quarter of 2009! If you cant wait why not try its predecessor the Nokia N96 or the Nokia N95 which are both fantastic smart phones too.

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