Nokia N8 Release Date Confirmed

Nokia have confirmed that their N8 smart phone will be available on it’s online store from september 27th and from all the usual outlets and networks on October 1st.

The sim free model will set you back a cool £429, contract prices are yet to be revealed but expect announcements from the networks soon.

So will the N8 turn Nokia’s fortunes around?  With a price tag the same as the HTC Desire, the Samsung Galaxy S and the Sony Ericsson Experia X10, the N8 has some pretty stiff competition.

Features wise the N8 can hold it’s own, particularly with the HDMI port, but apart from that there’s little to set it apart. The key difference between the N8 and it’s main rivals is the OS, Nokia is clearly hoping this phone will be the poster child for Symbian 3. Reviews for the N8 have by and large been good, and it certainly puts Nokia back in the game after lacklustre smart phone sales of late and gives die hard Nokia fans a serious smart phone choice.

But this isn’t really about the handset, it’s about whether or not Symbian can make up ground on Android and IOS.  In terms of out of the box function the answer seems to be a yes, but apps are where the battle will be decided, and those doing the deciding will be the developers.

With Apple’s app store and Android marketplace already well established, Nokia’s Ovi Store faces a bit of a chicken and egg problem; developers are likely to choose to write apps for operating systems with the biggest market share, and a small choice of apps could put people off buying Symbian.

The N8’s success or otherwise isn’t going to be make or break for Nokia, they still have a huge share of the lower and mid level handset market, but the industry is sure to be watching closely.

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