Nokia Lumia 900 – Heading our way in June?


The Nokia Lumia 900 took the CES event by storm this year and as we pipped it as one of the contenders for best phone of 2012 we were eagerly awaiting confirmation of when it will become available to us here in the UK.


At the launch during the CES the Nokia Lumia 900 was pegged as an AT&T exclusive designed specifically with the US LTE network in mind, and as we all salivated over the new device we all hoped this exclusivity would soon be expanded and become available to other mobile phone markets.


Well it appears that the Lumia 900, which should help the Windows Phone OS compete against the current favourites from Android and Apple, will be hitting our shores in June.


Major retailer Carphone Warehouse has now added the Nokia Lumia 900 to their website as “coming soon” with an anticipated date of June this year. Now there is the usual T&C’s stating this date is subject to change at any time, but as a pretty significant retailer this would be likely to be the anticipated arrival date.



So here’s hoping the wait for the Nokia Lumia 900 is not going to be too long with us being able to get our mitts on it in summer this year.

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