Nokia Lumia 830 coming soon!

The Nokia Lumia 830 smartphone is poised for release and has been designed to integrate itself within every aspect of your daily life as your live it, sync it and share it!


Social sharing and camera features are the main highlights on this mobile phone and with the Windows Phone 8.1 operating system on-board you will enjoy a familiar experience across all of your devices.

Nokia Lumia 830 unboxed


Upon opening the box you will be greeted by your phone, energy efficient charger and a Nokia stereo headset.


The rear cover is offered in a choice of colours such as lime green, orange, white and black and before you fix this into place you will notice a Micro SD card slot that will accept memory cards of up to 128GB to boost the 16GB internal memory.


Expandable memory


You will also need to insert the 2200mAh battery which promises to deliver up to 22 days standby or more realistically 78 hours of music, 10 hours of video or 14 hours of Wi-Fi connectivity. You may also catch a glimpse of the Snapdragon quad-core processor that is coupled with 1GB RAM.


Hit the power button and the 5” display lights up with 720 x 1280 pixels and you will instantly notice that sunlight readability enhancements and ClearBlack technology offer great results even under strong daylight conditions.


Nokia Lumia 830 display


The screen is incredibly responsive with super sensitive touch and you will soon fall in love with the Nokia Glance feature that automatically shows you the time when you look at the phone once it has idled into standby.

Lights, camera action


I don’t know why but everyone goes straight to the camera when they pick up a new smartphone. The Lumia 830’s camera is packed with features and a 10MP resolution offers all the detail you will need.


The Nokia Glam Me feature will have you looking like a red carpet star as it enhances your teeth, eyes and smile. Alternatively you can create professional results with Nokia ReFocus and un-focus elements in the picture to achieve some really cool effects.


10MP camera


If you aren’t easily wowed by still images then you should check out the Cinemagraph lens app. Here you will need to hold the phone steady as it captures an image over 3-4 seconds. Once you have done this you can then select elements from the shot that were moving and hey presto you have an animated result.


You could of course go straight into video mode and full HD recording at 1080p is offered. The Nokia Video Trimmer app will allow you to choose the start and end points of your creations and the Nokia Video Upload app makes it easy to share them on YouTube.

Windows in Windows!


You will by now have realised that the home screens are filled with Live Tiles and as you download more apps things start to get a little cluttered.


Thankfully Windows Phone 8.1 brings with it the possibility to create Live Folders. You can name these as you like and move your Live Tiles and apps into them, which is great for grouping similar apps together making them all accessible from the home screen.


Nokia Lumia 830 Live Tiles


If you are looking for entertainment then you should check out the XBox Music Live Tile for tunes with Dolby Digital Plus surround sound and the XBox-Live Hub where DirectX 11 software delivers eye-popping 3D gaming.


The Windows experience also gives you Microsoft Office and GPS turn-by-turn navigation with HERE Drive+ and HERE Maps.


Sounds like a winning combination doesn’t it?


Written by: Michael Brown

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