Nokia Launches Affordable Smartphones


With smartphones being the one thing that everyone should have in this hyper connected world, it has become apparent to one of the leading manufacturers of mobile phones that not everyone can afford them. In a move that could signal them moving slightly away from generating the majority of their profit in affordable and basic phones, Nokia have launched the new 1 series range which offer amazing internet browsing at an affordable price.



Promotional videos were released in mid May for the Nokia 110 and 112, which are the dual SIM mobiles that have been created for developing markets. The single SIM, Nokia 113 and 111 are carbon copies that will be launched in the UK.


The Nokia 111 and Nokia 113 are both quite similar, with the only difference being in the software that comes preloaded onto it. The Nokia 113 has a piece of software called e-Buddy, which is messaging application that allows for instant messaging. The inclusion of this instant messenger has made the two devices have a small difference in their price, with the Nokia 113 expected to come in at £35 while the Nokia 111 will come in at a slightly cheaper £30.


The price of the mobiles reflects the specifications of the phones being only a step up from a basic mobile phone. Both of the devices come with a VGA camera, FM radio, microSD support, Bluetooth support and a 1.8 inch display screen. The phone is available in at least four different and vibrant colours (blue, pink, yellow and black) which give users that little bit of choice between the two very similar phones.


But while the hardware may not be impressive, the software really is. Both the Nokia 111 and Nokia 113 come with the Nokia Browser installed. This piece of software enables users to browse the internet more quickly, compressing data before it reaches the mobile. The compression also means that not only is browsing quicker, but you waste much less data.


EA have also supplied 40 mobile games for free that are available on both mobiles. The combined cost of all 40 games would end up costing more than the handsets themselves. The games featured will be classics such as Tetris, Bejewelled and Need for Speed.


Nokia were recently knocked off the top spot as the market leader in mobile phones by Samsung after the Samsung Galaxy S II had an amazing year of sales. The design, software and price are all a targeted attempt to slowly generate sales that will amount to another billion for the popular technology company.


With the job market and economy not looking good, consumers will be looking to take control of spending more. Sacrificing their apps for a functional and affordable phone is very likely to be the reaction by a large majority of the public.


The release of the Nokia 1 series is expected to be either in the second or third quarter of 2012. However there has been no confirmation of the release date by Nokia. Whenever it is released the company is sure to sell these fantastic little devices.


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