Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte Review

Nokia 8800 Carbon ArteBriefly: As stunning combination of carbon fibre, titanium and polished glass to produce a truly gorgeous handsets for fashionistas everywhere!

Amazing Offer : Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte from Mobiles Please.

Following in the footsteps of the LG Prada & the Nokia 6600, the 8800 Carbon Arte is a glamorous handsets made from the most upmarket materials. The original 8800 came out in 2005 and now with the new edition the range will continue to be desirable.

Housed in materials that you might find on a aeroplane or a race car the Carbon Arte comes with special touches such as coating to reduced finger prints and scratches, ringtones that change to suit your mood throughout the day and now features 4GB of memory.

Not just a pretty face the 8800 3G phone features a 3.2 mega pixel camera, media player and unlike many other fashion phones it actually is a really good handset, communications wise.

What does the Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte have to offer?

  • A sleek combination of carbon fibre,titanium and polished glass.
  • 3.2 mega pixel camera
  • anti finger prints coating
  • 3G
  • 4GB memory

Available now at mobilesplease on the T-mobile network….a stunning looking phone, perfect for the style conscious!

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