Nokia 8110 4G review – Banana phone reloaded


Nokia has recently been on a mission to bring back some of the world’s most iconic phones. With 4G on board, you will now be able to surf, chat and stream on the new Banana / Matrix phone.



Nokia 8110 4G Design


The Nokia 8110 4G is a curved phone with the keyboard is hidden away under a curved cover that opens with a sliding motion. You can start and end calls by sliding the cover open or shut.



This Nokia phone is made with a polycarbonate shell and comes in in either banana yellow or traditional black. The phone weighs just 117g and measures 14.9mm making it a little chunkier than a smartphone..



Nokia 8110 4G features


As you would expect from this design of phone the display is far smaller than a smartphone display measuring just 2.45-inch. The curved display has QVGA resolution, with 240 x 320 pixels.



The Qualcomm 205 1.1GHz processor with 512MB RAM has the same sort of power as a budget smartphone. The Nokia 8110 4G isn’t quite waterproof but it does have IP52 certification so it will be OK with the odd drip.


The phone will likely be a backup phone, it’s not looking to replace your smartphone. The phone has aon-boardn board memory of 4GB so you won’t be storing a vast amount of files on it.



The KaiOS operating system on board is an emerging OS designed for phones that sit on the line between smartphones and dumb phones. With KaiOS, you have access to an app store for games, maps and a number of other apps.


You can get apps such as Google Search, the Google Assistant, Google Maps and Facebook. Nokia has kept with the classic theme with a pre-loaded reinvented version of the classic Snake game, which is now in full colour.


You can listen to music files through the back-mounted speaker and the curved design helps the speaker remain clear even when putting the phone down on a surface. You can also listen to your favourite stations on the FM Radio, which uses the provided headset as a radio antenna.



The 1,500mAh battery offers really long standby times, mainly because you have a smaller display and less demanding apps. You should get up to 25 days of standby or up to 48 hours of music playback or up to 9.3 hours of talk time.


Nokia 8110 4G Camera


The Nokia 8110 4G has a 2MP with an LED flash, for low light photography. The camera has basic photography features, such as a self-timer, a photo gallery and the ability to record video. There is no selfie camera but the rear camera is OK for snapping basic pictures.




The Nokia 8110 4G is not going to be the phone that replaces your smartphone at your next upgrade. It is not aiming to be a flagship but offers those that remember the inital release some phone nostalgia. It is likely to be a second phone for many, simply used for calls and checking some apps when their main phone runs out of juice. The upgrades on the previous version will delight fans who had the original.




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