Nokia 6600 Fold Review!

Nokia 6600 Fold PurpleBriefly: With a stunning sexy design will the Nokia 6600 Fold be hailed the new fashion phone, taking over LG Prada and Samsung Armani?

Amazing Offer : Nokia 6600 Fold from Mobiles Please.

Available in sexy black and stylish purple the 6600 fold is not only beautiful but has a very simple user interface…we think it is most suited to fashionistas.

With both an internal and external OLED screen this phone oozes style but it also packs a 2 mega pixel camera, 3G GPRS/EDGE support, an FM radio and Nokia Maps.

Now its not just a pretty face! If you like being surprised by your phone than this is the phone to you, the front exterior OLED screen only comes to life when you tap it twice, you can accept or reject calls from this screen simply by tapping which is quite cool. The flip mechanism opens with ease with a magnetic tab so opening the handset is really simple.

The 6600 Fold is great for music with a music player which supports multi formats including MP3 plus comes with built in radio and the 2.5mm audio jack unfortunetely wont accept normal earphones, just Nokia ones.

If you’re looking for something simple and stylish we think you will love the Nokia 6600 fold, We do !

What does the Nokia 6600 Fold have to offer?

  • 2 mega pixel camera
  • Stunning sleek design
  • External & Internal OLED screen
  • 3G
  • 4GB memory

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