Nokia 6500 Classic Review

The thinnest phone from Nokia so far, the Nokia 6500 classic is a stunningly beautiful phone with a sleek sophisticated finish. Perfect if your looking for an easy to use phone the 6500 classic is easy to navigate, has a large screen and it looks pretty good too!
What do most people want from there phone? To make and receive calls, listen to music and take pictures….the 6500 classic is perfect for all these basics.
For such a slim phone it is still 3G equipped and has many fantastic features, starting with the 16 million colour display LCD screen .You can easily customise the amazing screen with wallpapers, screensavers and backgrounds putting your personality onto it.
It features all the basic you can expect form a Nokia 3G handset including a 2 mega pixel camera, a great music player ,a video player and Bluetooth and USB connectivity. With an onboard memory of 1 GB you can store around 300-400 songs which is more than enough for many users so this small memory is perfect.
The Nokia 6500 Classic is a beautiful phone, it is simple and classic but if you’re looking for something more high tech why not try the new Nokia N96 available at now!

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