Nokia 6300 Review

Sleek, stylish and simple the Nokia 6300 is beautifully simple and simply beautiful. Made for city slickers who have a busy lifestyle who need a simple handset the 6300 is sure to be a sell out.

With the compact, modern stainless steel design this phone brings back what Nokia is known for…great phones that do just what you want and do it well?

The Nokia 6300 has basic features, with an average 2 megapixel camera you will be able to take casual photographs plus use the video camera application. You can listen to your tunes with the music player or FM Radio, memory is limited with just 7.8Mb but this can easily be extended with a microSD card if you want to store lots of files.

Downfalls include no 3G unlike competitors Apple but it is enabled for data transfer with GPRS and Edge applications. You can check emails on the move plus send messages with attachments which is perfect for a young professional. Other features include Bluetooth and USB connectivity.

The battery life is low average but this can only be expected from such a slim line phone measuring only 11.7mm, this is common in this design of handset.

Over the past few years Nokia have created handsets with a fashionable, edgy look such as the N73 but they are back to their old tricks with simple handsets for a simple lifestyle.

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