Nokia 5530 Xpress Music

Nokia 5800 Xpress Music Front

Nokia 5800 Xpress Music Front

Details of a new Nokia Xpress Music handset is music to our ears…

Said to be a bigger getter version of the best selling Nokia 5800 Express music the ‘rumoured’ handset is said to be called the 5530 Xpress music.

Information about this new ‘musical’ handset have been leaked online and the 5530 is said to feature a 2.9 inch touchscreen, 3.2 mega pixel camera and HSPDA plus Wifi. The Nokia phone is set be smaller than the orginal 5800 and sacrifisinfg the larger touch screen and GPS receiver. This is the only information given but we are sure it is set to be a full on music machine featuring an FM radio, bluetooth and a massive storage space.

We are confident the new handset will also feature the new Nokia application store Ovi too and are sure it will prove to be another best seller for Nokia. Stay tuned for further information!

The Nokia 5800 is available now at Mobiles please

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