Nokia 3109 Review

Nokia 3109Briefly: The 3109 is a simple candy bar phone that is a perfect example of Nokia’s historty, creating phones which allow the user to simply communicate with other users.

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Compact, simple and easy this handset which comes in matt grey and weighs in at a lightweight 89g, the handset is orientated towards the office market allowing emails with attachments and synchronising with calendars and to do lists on PCs using its USB connection.

Providing all the essentials of a mobile phone such as calling, messaging & emailing…one of the downsides is the lack of camera but as it is a simple business phone there shouldn’t be a need for one. It also comes equipped with 32 Mb of onboard memory which is expandable to 2GB with a memory card so there is plently of space for your messages and emails. With a massive 2,000 memory phone book it is perfect for all your business contacts.

For a simple phone it has some great features and a big memory if expanded, we would highly recommend this phone if you’re looking for something basic. Get the Nokia 3109 on the T-mobile network from £19.57 plus get a Free laptop.

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