Nokia 3 review

Nokia 3 review


The Nokia 3 has ia price tag of around £115, so this could be one of the cheapest ways go get an affordable phone that has a quality design.


Nokia 3 design


The design of the Nokia 3 is excellent when we consider its pricing. There is an aluminium frame with precision-machined rounded edges. The touch of metal is distinctive, so when you pick up a Nokia 3 you really get to feel the quality.


The front face of the Nokia 3 is 2.5D Coring Gorilla Glass, which is durable and rounded at the edges to make swipe ins and swipe outs more comfortable.


There will be four colour choices at the time of its June launch and these are Tempered Blue, Matte Black, Silver White or Copper.


Nokia 3 UK


The Nokia 3 also brings with it the benefits of a polarised 5” IPS LCD high definition display. This gives 450 nits of brightness and being anti-reflective, this really is a good handset for using under bright sunlight.


Nokia 3 camera


The Nokia 3’s cameras have had equal attention paid to them, with both having the same resolution. The main 8MP camera shoots well at night with a LED flash, while the 8MP selfie camera has a wide angle 84-degrees lens for taking group selfies.


The Nokia 3 will have the Google Photos app pre-loaded. This is pretty handy as the Google Assistant is integrated within the app, making it easy to search for specific photos or groups of photos. An example would be to search for ‘dogs’ and hey presto, all you dog photos are displayed.


Nokia 3 features


The Nokia 3 will be shipped with the Android 7.0 Nougat operating system and Nokia has promised that this phone will get regular updates and security updates. The OS has been left in its purest form, so there is no bloatware taking up precious memory.


Android Nougat


This is good news as you only get a limited amount of internal memory, at 16GB. This isn’t a memory disaster waiting to happen though, as there is a microSD card slot for boosting the memory by up to another 128GB.


The Google Assistant comes as part of the Nougat OS and this makes life much easier with interactions happening through two-way conversations. The Google Assistant can check your flight status, get a weather report, set up reminders, play music, send a message or give you directions.


There is a 1.3GHz quad-core processor with 2GB RAM powering the experience and while this is far from the fastest processor around, the experience is still acceptable with just a short amount of lag when opening apps.


The battery has a good capacity at 2,630mAh, so decent usage times should be offered before you need to recharge.


Overall, the Nokia is priced for almost anyone and with the aluminium frame and Nougat OS, it really will be a good buy.


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