Nokia 3 Review

The Nokia 3 has been announced, and while this phone is considered a budget device there are still plenty of redeeming features that make it worth a look. In my Nokia 3 review I take a look at the best bits about this device and reveal affordability isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


Nokia 3 design


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The feel of the Nokia 3 is sturdy and is a nice fit in the hand, although the back is poly-carbonate the precision aluminium frame gives it a more expensive feel.


The phone is 8.48mm thick which isn’t too chunky when holding it and the colour options feature a coloured frame with different colour panels.


nokia 3 design


The 5-inch display sits snugly in the chassis and the screen has a brightness of 450 nits and a polarised element for reducing reflections, this made outdoor use really good.


Nokia 3 features


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Nokia has left the user experience as close to a stock Android as you can get so there are lots of apps you will be familiar with like Chrome, Gmail and YouTube.


The phone does not have a fingerprint sensor but you can set up a pin code or pattern to secure the device from unauthorised access.


There is only 16GB of memory on board but the microSD card slot can be used with a 128GB card so that will open up lots more memory for storing photos and other files.


The lack of tinkering with the Android OS makes the Nokia 3 is free from unnecessary add-ons and the interface is clean and uncluttered.


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The 1.3GHz processor and 2GB RAM gives the phone enough power to handle everyday use but if you love highly charged mobile games with intense graphics this phone will struggle.


Google Assistant is on board and this updated digital assistant can work in a number of ways with various interactions. The Assistant can check the weather, answer questions and play music at your request and you can get the feature to send messages or get directions.


The battery is a 2,630mAh power pack and although there are no official usage times the phone screen and processor should give a decent battery performance on normal usage.


Nokia 3 Camera


camera shooting modes nokia 3


The camera package on the Nokia 3 consists of 2 x 8-megapixel lenses this means you get the same great shot from either side. The rear camera has an LED flash and plenty of shooting modes such as Panorama and HDR while the front-facing 8-megapixel selfie camera has a wide-angle lens for getting more into each shot.


nokia 3 camera



The Nokia 3 does not compete with top models, it’s not trying to and if you are looking for an affordable phone with a decent set of features this phone will certainly satisfy. Fans of mobile gaming should look at the higher spec Nokia 5 or Nokia 6 as this device struggles with high intensity graphics and demanding apps.

What do you think of the Nokia 3? Would you buy a Nokia as your next smartphone? Are you a fan of the Nokia brand? Share your thoughts below or join the conversation on Google+.

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