Nokia 105 (2017) Review

The Nokia 105 has been updated with the Nokia 105 2017 model getting a few welcome updates when compared to the previous version. In my Nokia 105 2017 review, I take a look at one of the cheapest phones available to see what this bargain offers.


Nokia 105 Design



The new Nokia 105 gets a curvier look with rounded corners, giving it amuch more appealing look. The tough polycarbonate shell fits nicely in the hand and it is through-colour so even if you scratch it, it won’t be too noticeable. The phone is very lightweight at just 73g and the phone measures 14.4mm thick, making it chunkier than a smartphone.


Nokia 105 Features



The Nokia 105 2017 has a 1.8-inch colour display which is bright and clear, reading text messages or browsing the phone features is easy. The keypad is well-spaced making it quick and easy to type in phone numbers or fire off a quick text message.


The directional key allows you to scroll around the homescreen and select apps, this key is also used to control the volume during calls or playing music.



The phone has a 4MB memory, which may sound small but you can store up to 2000 contacts and 500 text messages on board.


The Nokia 105 is a basic device so you won’t get a lot of the features you would expect on a smartphone. With that said you still get a few good things on this device.



For entertainment, you have an FM radio for listening to music and the game, Snake Xenzia is on board. There are two trial games too, these you get to try and you can buy the full versions if you like them.


There is a handy LED flashlight which is easily activated using the scroll key, the light is positioned at the top pf of the phone so you can hold it like you would a torch.



Other features include apps such as a calendar, alarm and calculator and you can change the look of the display using the pre-loaded wallpapers.

There is no camera on this phone, if you really want a camera on your phone you would have to opt for another model.


As the Nokia 105 keeps things nice and simple, the battery gives lots of usage time between charges. The battery has up to one month of standby time and up to 15 hours of talk time.




The Nokia 105 doesn’t have a ton of features, it’s not trying to be a smartphone. This is the perfect phone to keep as an emergency backup for when your smartphone runs out of battery or to keep as a phone for just texting and making calls.

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