Nexus S UK Pricing Confirmed

Carphone Warehouse have confirmed the pricing structure for Google and Samsung’s brand new Nexus S handset, and given the high spec of the phone it’s very reasonable indeed – free on a £35 per month 24 month contract.

The deals offered by each network vary slightly

Network Texts Minutes Data MB Monthly Cost Phone Cost
Orange Unltd 700 750 £35.00 Free
Vodafone Unltd 700 750 £35.00 Free
O2 Unltd 1200 ? £40.00 Free
T-Mobile Unltd 1200 Unltd £35.00 £49.00

O2 have yet to confirm the data allowance for their package. Even though the  T-mobile package will cost you £49 for the Nexus S, we still think it’s the best deal because it includes unlimited data. This is going to be a big plus with the Nexus S, because it comes with  a naked version of Android 2.3 it will have WiFi tethering enabled so with this package you won’t need a separate mobile broadband package.

So how does this pricing stack up against the iPhone 4? In short,  very well.

If you want an iPhone 4, £35 per month will get you 600 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB of data – less than any of the Nexus S packages, and you’ll still have to stump up between £100 and £140 for the handset and if you want a free iPhone 4 you’ll need to spend around £60 per month.

So is the Nexus S the fabled “iPhone killer” ? Probably not, the iPhone is more than a phone, it’s a status symbol and it says something about it’s owner. Quite what it says about it’s owner depends on your point of view, but there will always be people who are willing to pay a premium to make that statement. So it wouldn’t really matter if the Nexus S had a built in time machine, jet pack, ray gun and transformed in to a 40ft robot at the touch of a button, the iPhone has such a devoted following that cost and functionality play little part in the decision.

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