Nexus S To Land Before Xmas?

The internet has been rife with speculation about the Nexus S – the successor to Google’s brilliant but ill fated Nexus One – for weeks now, but now there are pictures  from Engadget and rumours from credible sources that suggest that the Nexus S may arrive within the next few weeks.

A few bits of information seems to be cropping up in enough reports to make them seem credible, first of all the Nexus S will be made by Samsung, however it will sport Google branding and will run a “clean” version of Android 2.3 without any additions to the UI from Samsung. Pictures that appear to have been taken on the Nexus S have been spotted on Flikr and Picassa, indicating that it has a 5mp camera and an LED flash. Other specifications are thin on the ground, but a 4″ screen seems likely.

Leaks from US retailer Best Buy suggest that the Nexus S will launch before Xmas, but Google themselves have not said anything and are refusing to comment.

The leak from Best Buy, together with an FCC Filing in the US suggest that the Nexus S will be on T-mobile’s network, in the US at least. This is a change of tactics for google , ultimately retailing the Nexus One themselves and trying to cut the retailers and networks out didn’t work, so going back to the tried and tested network tie ins and subsidies is the sensible thing to do.

There’s nothing solid on the Nexus S processor, but several sources are touting a dual core ARM chip, and if that’s the case then it will perform on a level more like a netbook than a phone.

The fact that Samsung are making the Nexus S is interesting, HTC made the Nexus 1 then promptly released the HTC Desire – almost exactly the same phone with their own UI stuck on top, so it’s possible that the next Samsung Galaxy incarnation will bear a strong resemblance to Google’s shiny new phone.

But will buying a Google branded phone really make any difference to you as a user? The only real difference you’ll see is the lack of a third party user interface, you’ll be using a completely clean version of Android, which you may or may not prefer. Hopefully the Google branding will mean that the Nexus S will be free of network bundled bloatware, but we doubt it.

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