Next Generation of Smartphone Materials

One of the latest innovations to be announced by the news recently was Willow Glass, an ultra thin glass that is very flexible. This is just one of the newest innovations that scientists around the world have come up with that have no doubt left engineers working on the latest smartphones salivating at the chance to incorporate the materials into their designs. Some of these may take a few years before their true potential is realised but the fact is that from their inception people can already see where they will end up. Smartphone companies will pay enormous sums of money to get hold of these pieces of technology before their rivals, which is probably why the innovations keep coming. This article will go through some of the latest and best innovations in technology that are coming to smartphones in the next few years.

Willow Glass

From the makers of Gorilla Glass has come the aforementioned ultra thin and flexible glass known as Willow Glass. As many know, Gorilla Glass is used by a multitude of electronic devices to protect their screens. Willow Glass is a development by the company that will allow for new innovations in mobile design to take place such as curved screens for smartphones. The innovation is not limited to mobile devices either as it can also be applied to larger screens.


Using a process called Fusion, ingredients are heated at 500C, before a continuous sheet is produced using a machine that is very similar to a printing press. The new process of rolling to make thin glass is also hailed as being faster than the commonly used sheet to sheet method.


The future for Willow Glass looks very bright as it is set to replace other types of glass for mobile devices as developers and designers look for ways to make screens thinner, more flexible and more innovative.




A material that has been a buzzword in the scientific community for years, only came to the eyes and ears of the public a year or so ago. Graphene is the miracle material that could be the next big thing in technology, tougher than diamonds, weighing very little, conducts electricity and heats better than copper wire. With all this, you wouldn’t be laughed at for expecting a substance that is larger than life however the material is possibly the thinnest material in existence, needing a stack or 3 million to make a millimetre of the substance.


Isolated in 2004 by two Manchester scientists, the material promises to make it possible to eventually have smartphones that are capable of being rolled up among other things. Truly a great innovation we are sure to hear more about in the next few years.




Similar to Graphene, this miracle material has just recently been discovered and already looks poised to take the position of Graphene as the next big thing in technology. The process used to create Silicene is very similar to that used to make Graphene, however it is instead applied to silicon, creating a one atom thick piece of silicon.


The ramifications of this are that integration with the material is likely to be much easier than with graphene in smaller electrical devices such as mobile phones. The reason for this is because the material will be able to be integrated into the silicon chip production lines already used for these devices.


Like graphene, great things are expected from this material in the future, especially in mobile devices such as smartphones.




The final next generation material is known as Liquidmetal, which is also known as metallic glass. It is a new material which has been acquired exclusively by Apple in 2010. The material is known to be scratch and corrosion resistant as well as super strong. It also has the ability to be made into complex shapes while still being super strong and resilient. The material paves the way for the possibility of new and innovative ways for smartphones to be designed.

It is unlikely the yet to be announced iPhone 5 will feature many Liquidmetal components if any as the iPhone 4S only featured a SIM card ejector pin constructed from the material.


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