New Sony Smartphone to Compete with the S3 and iPhone 5



Sony has certainly made an impression since striving out on their own, with their initial handset the Xperia S getting some great reviews. However they have failed to get anywhere near the success of their competitors like Apple has had with the iPhone 5 of Samsung who is enjoying huge profits and great sales volumes.








The Xperia T was the next flagship model to come from Sony and whilst Bond may have loved it, it received a lukewarm reception from mobile phone users.


Now it seems Sony are on the case to bring a new handset into their range that will compete with the likes of Apple and Samsung with their Galaxy S3.





Speaking to the Financial Times in Germany, Sony executive Dennis van Schie said “We will create in the near future a flagship Sony model that can compete with Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy S III”. There was also a hint at a possible Windows Phone model to come from Sony too, but only “if it succeeds” so unless the sales of Windows phones picks up it looks like Sony is holding off on committing to this one.


The likelihood is that we will see this new flagship phone model at the CES 2013 in Las Vegas, as this is the launch pad of choice for many manufacturers. So we only have to wait until January to see if Sony can deliver on their promises and give us a phone that is up there with the S3 and iPhone 5.


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