New Samsung Galaxy S9 images show the full device

The Samsung Galaxy S9 release is getting closer and closer, with this comes lots of rumours and image leaks. The latest Samsung Galaxy S9 image leaks give us the first full look at the device.


Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus image


The images were discovered by Android Headlines on Weibo, we have seen lots of Galaxy info leaked on this website in previous years. The latest Galaxy S9 images look to be press release photos so these could be the real deal.



The phones both look to continue with similar looks to the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. The previous leaks about the latest Galaxy smartphones hinted at smaller bezels, giving more screen on the same size device.


The images don’t make it that easy to determine if the bezels are slimmer, they do look small though.


There is not much more to determine from the images, we can see the lenses and sensors at the top of the device. One of these could be the new iris scanner which was hinted at in previous information leaks.



The second photo shows the back of the Samsung Galaxy S9, no look at the rear of the S9 Plus though. It looks like the Samsung Galaxy S9 will have a single lens camera, perhaps the manufacturer is keeping the dual-lens tech for the bigger S9 Plus.


The fingerprint scanner has now been moved into the more natural position below the camera lens.


As far as I can tell the photos look pretty convincing, of course, there is always an outpouring of renders and guesses at what will actually be released.


The Samsung Galaxy S9 is rumoured for release at the MWC 2018 so we won’t have to wait long to see if these latest Samsung Galaxy S9 photos are the real deal.




Are you going to get the Samsung Galaxy S9 when it is released? Share your thoughts on this new phone below.

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