New phones are tickled pink in time for Valentines.

A number of mobile phone companies have been turning their plain black and silver phones into girly pink devices that are sure to make an impression and even set a new trend in time for the season of love! Mobile phone brands have caught on to the fact that girls love to make a statement with their mobile phone and have come up with a way to make it their ultimate arm candy. From hot pink to cutsie baby shades, pink phones are here to stay!

pink phones

Recent phones to be tickled pink include;

The Nokia 6700 Classic Illuvial – a super stylish hot pink powerhouse. The 6700 is the epitome of what Nokia represents, a highly accessible, simple and stylish device that ticks all the boxes with it’s features and the Illuvial makes it more accessible to the female market. The flat keypad has hot pink numbers and pink accents around the phone with a floral pattern engraved on the back.

Samsung Tocco Lite Pink – A pretty pearly pink touch screen multimedia machine, the Tocco Lite includes a 3 mega pixel camera, fm radio and 50MB of onboard memory. A pocket friendly device, the Tocco Lite provides a vivid bright screen which is fully touch sensitive and makes it easy to navigate around the many applications on this handset.

LG GD510 Pop – The LG Pop GD510 is the most compact 3 inch full touchscreen phone on the market and is now available in baby pink.  The GD510 looks and feels like a high end handset which means a compromise has been made with it’s features to produce a mid-priced phone. Features include a 3 megapixel camera with video record, mp3 player and FM radio to keep you entertained on the go and Bluetooth support.

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