New Iphone 4 Imminent

The tech blogs are a-buzz today with news of an apparent leak stating that a new iteration of Apple’s iPhone 4 is in the final stages of pre release testing. The leak also stated that iPhone 5 is already in testing.

There’s no definite date, and new features are uncertain but the reports are suggesting that the new model has a Sim card slot and supports CDMA.
This combination of features seems to suggest that Apple wants to roll out Iphone 4 to more networks – currently the lack of CDMA support means that it wont work on the US Verizon network and some other worldwide networks.

The sim card slot could be to enable easier roaming or even to allow an unlocked version that customers can plug their own sim in to but given Apple’s previously tight controls over this kind of thing we doubt it.

Of course it’s possible that it’s just a quick patch up job to fix the ‘antennagate’ problems and that Apple will just slip it out unannounced.

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