New Images leak of Nexus Sailfish

The Nexus handsets have been the subject of various leaks and rumours and now it seems new photos have emerged giving us a better look at the next Nexus phones. New image leak of the Nexus Sailfish have surfaced and these show us the latest Google phone in great detail.


Nexus Sailfish Details


sailfish design


The latest renders of the Sailfish give us a peek at the phone from different angles showing us the overall design and hinting at what could be on the inside of the next Nexus phone.


The Sailfish will be the smaller and lower priced of the two Nexus phones (the other bigger brother being the Marlin) and the images show a fairly standard and plain front design with large bezels sitting below and at the top of the display.


nexus sailfish specs



The rear casing shows a top panel with the camera and fingerprint scanner within and the bottom of the casing will come in either black, gold or metallic silver finishes.


Nexus Sailfish features


The other details that can be seen from the new renders show a 3.5mm audio jack at the top pf the phone with the USB Type-C port and speakers on the bottom.


There seems to be a hint at a software tweak on these latest pictures with a ”G’ Tab sitting on the top left of the display in place of the usual Google search bar as seen on other renders.



nexus phone leaks


The navigation buttons look different on this version too however this could just be highlighting difference between version of Android Nougat.


The latest images have been spotted Android Pure and Weibo and these latest images fall in line with other previous murmurings about the latest Nexus releases.


Nexus Release Date


These images keep teasing us about what to expect but we thankfully won’t have to wait to long to see the real deal as the new Nexus phones are expected to launch in October so watch this space.


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Written by: Carmel Brown

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