New entry-level iPhone will be called the Apple iPhone XC

The official Apple event is getting closer and, as is the way, the rumour mill is going into overdrive as we draw nearer to the reveal. The latest rumour states that the entry-level iPhone will be called the Apple iPhone XC.


iPhone XC



The next iPhone X is expected to be named the iPhone XS and the bigger model will be called the iPhone XS to replace the iPhone 9 Plus.


The usual line up includes a more affordable iPhone version and until now there has been little talk about it. In a new leak from a Chinese Mobile carrier onto Weibo, it looks like we now know the official moniker of the affordable iPhone.


End of the line for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C


Enter the iPhone XC, this could be a homage to the affordable 5C iPhones released a few years ago. According to this latest leak, we get to see the prices for the new iPhone models too. The supposed prices are expected to be:

  • iPhone XC – £540
  • iPhone XS – £696
  • iPhone XS Plus – £774

These are approximated prices converted from the US dollar prices that have been leaked.


iPhone XC image leaks


Along with this latest leak on Chinese social media, there has been an image leak on Twitter from Ben Geskin. The photos appear to show iPhone XC models in various colours. The tweet goes on to say these aren’t usual renders but the real thing.


Ben Geskin Twitter


The official launch date for the new iPhone models will soon be here and we can see if all the rumours and speculation will have any truth.


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