Need a mobile number…call 118

LG phone with 118 dialled

118 are launching a brand new service on the 18th June, which will allows users access to a huge database of mobile phone contacts.

How does this work? Well the user can either search on the website site or call 118800 to find the desired number. The person they are trying to find will then receive a text message asking them whether they would like to accept the person searching for them.  The service is charged at £1 per search and will come in useful for getting business contacts or a long lost friend’s number.

People have already complained about the breach of privacy but 118 118 claims that two thirds of the people they asked where in favour of the mobile number directory.

From 18th June just simply log on to the site from your Blackberry or Nokia mobile phone to get access to many contacts – the person being searched does need to give permission though!

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