Natural Material Trends in Smartphones


The mobile phone may not be synonymous with nature but we have seen a trend of smartphones that have taken on natural materials as part of their construction. Traditional materials used in smartphones would be more of an industrial lean with steel frames, aluminium covers or seamless glass so how do you incorporate nature into your tech and where will it go next?


Wooden covered smartphones


LG G4 wood


When it comes to your mobile phone adorning it with a wooden facade may seem completely bizarre but we have already seen a number of wooden options in the smartphone market. We already know that smooth high-grade wood can enhance the look of your interior decor so why not your phone? Motorola gave customers a number of customisable options for their Moto X allowing users to choose from beautiful bamboo along with other wood choices.


moto x bamboo


This retro choice of natural woods on smartphones raised some eyebrows when first launched but it appears users are loving the natural look on their top-end tech and there are a number of companies that have popped up offering a choice of wood cases that can be customised with laser etching so the popularity continues to grow.

Leather-bound smartphones


note 4 leather back


Leather has been used on various smartphones to enhance the overall design and add a premium feel to some of the best smartphones released. Samsung launched a leather look back to many of their Galaxy smartphones with the usual plastic back cover changed up for a supple leather look one instead.


Asus added a leather look back cover to their 7-inch Zen pad and also offered up a range of genuine leather cases to enhance the device even further.


g4 leather brown


The LG G4 was unveiled with a genuine leather back cover that was made with the highest quality leather to ensure it would remain looking beautiful and Motorola added to their natural case range for their Moto X with a Horween Genuine Leather options.


The market has also seen a number of independent companies offering customised leather cases made to fit Android or Apple phones so you can leather up your favourite mobile with your own design.


Precious metal phones


When the latest flagship device is released you can be assured of a top notch exclusive version being created with some of the world’s most precious metals and stones.


gold plated iphone 6


We have seen gold plated, platinum and titanium handsets as well as custom designed smartphones adorned with precious crystals and diamonds, although these fetch a pretty penny and are not really aimed at your average user.


Sapphire is pipped to be the next big thing in smartphone screens as it is incredibly strong and will replace the more fragile glass composites used in today’s phones.


What materials will be on your smartphone next?


Hard woods have already been used and as it seems these have been received well generally by those using them enjoying the aging process of the wood the longer they have their phone we could expect some other wood options in the near future.


O2 twickenham phone


Plant life would seem far too fragile to incorporate into a smartphone build but we have seen a specially commissioned handset from O2 that included grass clippings from Twickenham preserved in resin to create the covers and the rest made from recycled and natural materials. With the option of resin this means that the choice of plant life to be included in a cover could be limitless, choose your favourite plant and have your very own case made.


With the materials required to build mobile phone becoming more scarce and the demand for new technology ever-increasing we can expect to see some more unique natural products incorporated into our phones of the future.



What would like to see next in mobile phone construction? Would you buy a smartphone made from natural materials? Do you think we need a more environmentally friendly range of phones? Share your thoughts with us below or join the conversation on Google+.

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